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Beat DIABETES without Medicine
Normalization of BP (Blood Pressure)
Obesity - Easy Weight Loss with Dr Suresh's Diet
Cure Joint Pain (Arthritis) & Body Pain with right Diet
Tips for Healthy Womanhood
Immunity & Autoimmune Disorders
Fatty Liver Problem
Prevention from Stroke
Tips on Keeping Heart Healthy
Heart Disease Reversal
Why Vitamin D?
Thyroid Treatment without medicine
Control High Stress Level
Myth About Cholesterol & Treatment
Hormonal Imbalance Treatment
Lose 10 Kg Body Weight in 30 Days
How to Avoid Knee Replacement
Dengue, Chikungunya, Typhoid Treatment
Permanent Solution for Acidity
Kidney Stone (Pathri) Treatment
PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) Treatment
Treatment of Kidney Failure Patient Without Dialysis or Kidney Transplant
SEX Problem in Male (Treatment)

Dr. Suresh Vatsayaynn

BSocSci (Hon's) Health Dev. Policy

Sr. Consultant Medicine & Surgery

46 Years Experience
1.6 Million Consultants
116 Countries
11100 Public Seminars
16000 Testimonials
Well Known in New Zealand, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana
With 24 Qualifications in Medical Sector

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