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—   Efficient 1-on-1 consultation

ourDoctor understand diseaes by knowing about your social and family history.

—   Mission of making 80% of people fit & fine

Starting from one family at a time towards the whole world.

—   Educate people about the diseases

Providing knowledge about health and how one can be healthy with lifestyle changes

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ourDoctor - The Family Clinic

—   India's first comprehensive family clinic

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Dr. Suresh Journey

—   46+ Year Experience

—   1.6 Million Consultant

—   116 Countries

—   16000 Testimonials

—   11100 Public Seminars

Known for his best medical practice and his nature of helping everyone, Dr. Suresh Vatsyayann, one of the most renowned doctors in the world. On his mission towards making 80% of people healthy and fit throughout the world starting from one family at a time by following measures:

Vinyadu Foundation (Association of the People for Underserved)

Developed more than 10 Surgical Techniques used by Doctors throughout the world

Health Through Wisdom Seminars

ourDoctor - The Family Clinic is here for your whole family

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